About Me

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After living in the U.S.A. for many years,  I moved to Canada early in 2018 and currently live in Georgian Bluffs, Ontario. Previously I have lived in Bentonville (North West Arkansas), Austin, North Dallas (Richardson and Plano) and Denver, Colorado. Canada will be the third country I have resided in, coming originally from Lichfield, England.

I have been fascinated with cameras since I was a child when I was first introduced to a pinhole camera. In high school I used a 35 mm SLR camera and developed and printed my own black and white images. Since then I've watched cameras evolve and owned many of them, including what was a landmark camera at the time: the world's first autofocus camera, a Minolta Maxxum 7000 (in 1985).

Over the years, digital photography has advanced tremendously and mostly replaced film resulting in the latest generation of cameras that among other features can almost see in the dark. These are my tools of choice today.

I find that photography is an interesting blend of both technology and art and I love capturing emotions and the moment through pictures of people, places and events.

I hope you enjoy my images on this website and I welcome you to leave comments, "Likes", or email me directly "Ed@EdMatPhoto.com" .

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